Rare Opportunity to buy Resort, Airport and Virgin Island


U$65 Million

Ifuru Resort is nestled in Raa Atoll, a secluded enclave in the north of the Maldives. With a lease period of 50 years, this enticing property encompasses a spacious land area of 56.52 hectares. This resort offers an excellent return on investment; particularly due to the unique efficiencies offered by an airport being located on the same island.


The villas have been positioned for optimum views and privacy on a 7.5-hectare swathe of the island. With a total of 150 villas, they comprise of six Twin Villas, 100 Duplex Villas, 35 Beach Villas and nine Beach Villas with Pool, creating a maximum bed capacity of 300.


Each Beach Villa with Pool is an individual unit, with its private pool, with access to the beach and open shower courtyard.
The total floor area including the pool is 113 square meters.


Each Beach Villa is an individual unit, with an 84 square meters floor area, and with access to the beach and shower courtyard.
Twin Villas


Each Twin villa is a single key, with a total floor area of 250 square meters, including the pool which is 19.7 square meters, and the twin courtyards. The Twin villas are intended to be the highest category of rooms on the island and targeted for families.


Each Duplex Villa and individual key has an area of 58 square meters. The total floor area of each unit (ground and first floor combined with common staircase and service area) is 267 square meters. The access to the ground floor units is from the side, and access to the first floor is from the backside, via a staircase.


Ifuruhas been tastefully designed in an elegant ‘island chic’ style – think exposed driftwood beams and chandeliers made from glass buoys, fine painted porcelain tiles and coconut thatch roofs. The contemporary, minimalist design takes inspiration from the Maldives and some of the world’s most beautiful properties.
  • Specialty Restaurant with Kitchen
  • Main Restaurants with Kitchen, Bar, Buffet, Disco and Restrooms
  • Spa and Treatment Rooms
  • Tennis Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Recreation Center
  • Clinic
  • Gymnasium
  • Kids Club
  • Dive Center
  • Water Sports Center


With several beautifully-designed dining venues there is ample room for guests to relax and enjoy the food and beverage offerings in a range of locations. The all-day dining restaurant has a capacity of 215 guests, while the main bar can accommodate up to 72 guests for drinks and snacks. The grill restaurant seats up to 54 guests; the pool bar/area holds 124 guests; specialty Asian restaurant and wine-tasting area holds up to 68 guests and the sunset bar can seat up to 44 guests.


The public area consists of the main restaurants and kitchen, bar, buffet area, disco, restrooms, speciality restaurant with kitchen, main pool, reception, boutique, additional restrooms, arrival pavilion, buggy station, spa with two steam and sauna rooms plus eight treatment rooms, tennis court, badminton court, recreation centre, clinic (with the Doctor’s accommodation), fully-equipped gym, kids club,
dive centre and water-sports centre.
On the other side of the island lies the back of house area. It features staff accommodation made up of eight buildings, containing 16 rooms. This equates to a total of 128 rooms and a maximum staff bed capacity of 400. The staff area also features 28 HOD accommodation rooms, eight executive apartments, a staff canteen, staff recreation area with gym, a staff shop and social/meeting hall, administration building, fully-equipped laundry, boiler rooms, maintenance building (with bottling plant area), cold storage and stores as well as a power house and RO plants.


Heat recovery system (upgradable), seawater cooling system, acoustic design for 65dB outside power house, SWRO 250 tons / 24 hours × 2 nos, water storage of 330 tons × 2 no, fire pump house with fire hydrant system (plus fire alarm system across entire hotel), STP : MBBR Plant 250 tons / 24 hour processing plant, water pump hose, fuel pump houses (dispensers installed; fuel storage 140 tons for diesel/6000L petrol), housekeeping huts × 4 nos have also been installed. The infrastructure comprising of the power house, desalination building, fuel tank and water tanks have also been completed.


Ifuru Airport has been operating since 2015 and is currently managed by Island Aviation Services, Maldives. The runway’s length is 1200 meters.
Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll is just 35 miles in length and 15 miles across at its broadest part. Its western edge is made up of a chain of circular reefs placed sporadically - an odd characteristic found in the larger Northern Atolls. The middle of the atoll is thickly streaked with coral patches. A new domestic airport, in Ifuru is scheduled to open later this month. This will enable both tourists and locals a convenient way to travel back home or to visit the breath taking atoll.
With a limitation of 10 seats, flights cannot be operated with full passenger load due to weight restriction. Independent monitoring bodies to be involved in setting up the international operation of an airport
1.Department Immigration & Emigration.
2.Maldives Customs Services.
3.Maldives National Defense Force.
4.Maldives Police services.
5.Port Health services.


Funadhoo Virgin Island, a hidden treasure.
The virgin island, Funadhoo, is located in Baa Atoll the north of the Maldives. It is 110 km away from Male’ and takes 25-30 minutes to reach by seaplane, 20-25 minutes by a domestic flight and 3 hours by speedboat.

Funadhoo is a pristine virgin island; 11.69 hectares of emerald green jewel surrounded by a powder-soft white sand beach.
A total of 11.69 hectares of virgin land capable of accommodating around 90 villas is available with a lease period of 50 years.